Join the Boxer Rebellion for $115,000!

Mike Tyson's career is notable for his unapologetic brutality and, later, his Alcoholic's Anonymous advertisement-worthy facial tattoo. Today, Nice Price or Crack Pipe has a Boxer that's almost as ferocious as Mikey, but is as beautiful as Tyson is fugly. » 2/19/10 8:00am 2/19/10 8:00am

L.A. Ferrari Owner Builds Dream Garage, Whiny Neighbors Wake Him Up

Not long ago, a Los Angeles man built an award-winning bridge to his living room so he could keep his 1984 Ferrari 512 BBi within spitting distance of his couch. Now the city wants him to tear it down. Losers. » 2/05/10 3:00pm 2/05/10 3:00pm

Ferrari 512 BB LMs at Monterey

While Porsche 935s are supremely awesome and the DeKon Monzas force us into shit-eating-grin mode, we also dig the few oddball machines that wind up in the IMSA ranks at Monterey. For example, we present to you the Ferrari 512 BB LM. While it wasn't a particularly successful race car, it's pretty close to as sexy as… » 8/21/07 5:15pm 8/21/07 5:15pm