German Beaters Colonize The Streets Of Berkeley, France Considers Emergency Citroën Airlift

This is Down On The Street Bonus Edition »11/14/08 10:30am11/14/08 10:30am, where we check out interesting street-parked cars located in places other than the . In addition to being a and , is also a devoted DOTSBE hunter. This time his travels have taken him to Berkeley (which may rival nearby Alameda in terms of Cool Old Cars Per Square Mile,…


Escape From Berkeley, By Any Non-Petroleum Means Necessary!

This morning, I headed over to Shipyard Labs »10/11/08 7:45pm10/11/08 7:45pm in the Berkeley flatlands (not very coincidentally, located just a few blocks from the 24 Hours Of LeMons HQ in Emeryville) to witness preparations for the start of the race to Las Vegas. The rules are pretty simple: vehicles can't run on any form of petroleum fuel, they…

Fuel Up Only With Free Stuff You Find Along The Route: Berkeley To Vegas, No Petroleum!

The City of Berkeley is now a maximum security statist dystopia… Cars are illegal… Petroleum is a controlled substance… Now, geeks and gearheads unite to »10/10/08 4:20pm10/10/08 4:20pm escape from Berkeley That's right, a 600-mile race in vehicles not only prohibited from burning petroleum-based fuel but prohibited from along the way- it's all…

Berkeley Isn't Just About The Prius: Street-Driven Jaguar XK140

Those of us who live in Alameda or Oakland might cringe a bit when our Berkeley neighbors once again make the national headlines for something silly, but the hometown of Philip K. Dick (not to mention plutonium) is a no-arguments international superpower when it comes to cool old cars- especially weird European… »5/22/08 4:40pm5/22/08 4:40pm

East Bay Volvo Stereotypes Confirmed By Junkyard Visit

As we saw a while back, the onslaught of the all-conquering Toyota Prius has been booting hundreds of once-cherished East Bay Volvo 240s into the local wrecking yards. In some ways it's a shame for such well-built machines to be cast aside like that, but it's a boon to those of us who want to build race cars out of… »2/27/08 2:00pm2/27/08 2:00pm