Dartz Gives Bentley Continental GT One Last Snake-Skinned Hurrah

Dartz calls it their newest opulence the Continental GT SS, not for "Super Sport," but for "snake skin." That's because the car's ensconced in an all-white faux snake skin vinyl wrap. Because nothin' says classy like vinyl snake skin. » 8/19/10 6:00pm 8/19/10 6:00pm

New Bentley Continental GT: First Look

The Bentley Continental GT is getting long in the tooth, no longer the must-have accessory of the pocket-dog and power-broker set. Accordingly, a brand new supercar will debut on September 6th. Here's a sneak peek. » 8/19/10 12:20pm 8/19/10 12:20pm

Bentley Continental GT Craves Death After Being Wronged By Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton treats herself to a grotesque Christmas present by slathering a Continental GT in pink livery and oversized wheels courtesy of West Coast Customs. Follow us into the gaping maw of obsessive opulence. » 12/24/08 10:45am 12/24/08 10:45am

Bentley Driver Murdered In Mysterious Los Angeles Highway Shooting

Jose Luis Macias was driving through Los Angeles last Friday in his Bentley Continental GT when someone fired multiple bullets into the car, killing him and shutting down Highway 101. The motive remains a mystery. » 12/16/08 2:30pm 12/16/08 2:30pm

Illegal Immigrants Attempt UK Border Crossing In Bentley GT

According to Reuters, a truck carrying a Bentley GT » 10/29/08 6:00pm 10/29/08 6:00pm back to Crewe from the Nurburgring was intercepted Tuesday attempting to enter the UK. Sensors at the border detected excess carbon dioxide being emitted from the cargo box, alerting British border agents who opened the truck and found four illegal Iraqi immigrants…

ASI Tetsu-Tuned Continental GTR Makes Us Feel Like Taking A Shower

We've always had a love/hate relationship with the Bentley Continental GT. On the one hand, it's a staggeringly powerful freight train of a car that will do everything but powder your behind (and not catch on fire). On the other hand, it just doesn't have the character of a Bentley; it seems more noveau riche than… » 6/05/08 9:40am 6/05/08 9:40am