Yeah, That's A Tree On An Aston Martin Rapide

A hailstorm knocked down a tree today at the Midwestern Automotive Media Association (Midwestern NAMBLA) annual pump n' dump for morbidly obese auto journalists at Road America, damaging an Aston Martin Rapide and Bentley Continental Super Sport. » 5/26/10 8:15pm 5/26/10 8:15pm

Bentley Continental Supersports To Cost $267,000, 50 Acres Of Corn

Seems loving the planet and wanting a high-speed supercoupe is going to cost you $267,000; that's the pricetag on the E85 slurping, 204 MPH, Bentley Continental Supersports » 4/09/09 3:30pm 4/09/09 3:30pm

Bentley Continental Supersports: 204 MPH On E85

The Bentley Continental Supersports runs on gasoline or E85 bioethanol. Run it on E85. Not for the environment. Not for Iowa. Do it so you can hit 204 MPH in Bentley style. » 4/08/09 4:06pm 4/08/09 4:06pm

Bentley Continental Supersports: 204 MPH Green Machine

Bentley Continental Supersports is the "the fastest, most powerful and greenest Bentley ever" and has the 621 HP twin-turbo W12 to prove it. How does a top speed of 204 MPH on E85 sound? » 2/24/09 7:01pm 2/24/09 7:01pm