The Future Of Helmets Is A Suspension System That Saves Your Brain

Until very recently, helmets have had two jobs: keep things from impaling your head and reduce the force of hitting things that hit it. Two companies unveiled street helmets at the AIMExpo show this year that take things one massively important step further—to protect your brain, as well as your skull. »11/03/15 12:27pm11/03/15 12:27pm


For $595,000 You Could Have Your Very Own Airwolf

Between the A-Team, Miami Vice and Knight Rider, the 1980s was a classic era in television for people who love cool machines. But the short-lived Airwolf was my favorite 80s show of all because it featured a secret “stealth” and “supersonic” helicopter based on the Bell 222. Now, 30 years after the show was on the… »9/24/15 6:33pm9/24/15 6:33pm

The Bell 525 Helicopter Cabin Looks Like A Throne Room From Star Wars

Bell’s 525 “Relentless” super-medium class twin turbine helicopter is attempting to set the bar for technology, capability and if you have the big BIG bucks, luxury. Gone is the traditional narrow fuselage, in its place is a wide and voluminous cabin for designers to play with. Case in point, this unbelievable concept… »6/19/15 6:41pm6/19/15 6:41pm

This Trusty U.S. Chopper Is Heading Home After a Decade of War

"We fly like nobody else in the Army," Col. Michael Musiol, commander of the 82nd Combat Aviation Brigade, recently told Stars and Stripes. He's right. The OH-58 Kiowa family of helicopters has been serving on the front lines—both as an advanced scout and emergency evacuator—for nearly 50 years. But as its tenure in… »12/03/14 2:30pm12/03/14 2:30pm