The Light of One's Life: EU To Mandate Daytime Headlight Operation

The EU's mental muscles hooked up in Brussels for a sit-down on the question of daytime headlight operation and came out convinced that it should be mandatory across the European Union within a couple of years. When they were done, the went out for a few glasses of Chimay, ate tall waffles, consumed some… »12/12/05 5:51pm12/12/05 5:51pm


Ugly, Fat Belgian Bastards Refuse to Let American Cars into Country

Oh man. We'd literally been waiting for the better part of two decades for the Belgians to do something mean so we could bust out that classic Python ref. Flemish-speakin' dealers selling American cars are teetering at the edge of the Insolvent Sea because government officials refuse to recognize US safety… »11/29/05 3:10pm11/29/05 3:10pm