Watch These MiG-29s And Su-25s Blast Off From A Highway In Belarus

Dispersed operations from austere locations, once a Cold War necessity, is coming back into tactical fashion around the globe. Some countries, such as Taiwan and Sweden, have continued to train to use long stretches of highway for combat aircraft operations during a time of war, while other nations are beginning to… » 1/03/15 5:39pm 1/03/15 5:39pm

In Belarus, Police Make Road Block Out of You!

Under orders to stop a drunk driver at all costs, police officers in Belarus stopped four civilian cars and ordered them to form a line across the road — acting as a roadblock. As brilliant a plan as this is, it failed to take into consideration that the drunk driver would be crashing into the makeshift barrier,… » 4/23/08 9:20am 4/23/08 9:20am

Iran to Nearly Double Auto Production by 2015

Last year, the Islamic Republic of Iran churned out 1.1 million vehicles. By 2015, they hope to hit the magic two mil mark. According to Manouchehr Manteghi of Iran's largest automaker, Irankhodo, the sanctions imposed due to the nation's nucular program haven't stayed technological progress, but they have made… » 7/11/07 3:00pm 7/11/07 3:00pm