Beijing Olympic Restrictions Stomp On Local Auto Industry

Chinese restrictions on truck traffic and chemical transport during the 2008 Olympics and Paralympics are forcing plant cutbacks among local automakers, reports Automotive News China. The restrictions have forced Beijing Hyundai and supplier Visteon, among other automotive factories, to reduce shifts and temporarily… »8/13/08 9:40am8/13/08 9:40am


Beijing Mini Cooper Rickshaws Combine Car, Cycle And Ugly

In celebration of the launch of the Mini Cooper Clubman in the Chinese market, Mini has chopped the back half off a handful of cars so they can be converted into rickshaws. Mini is no doubt trying to capitalize on the global spotlight placed on Beijing with some kind of sporting festival going on right now, but if… »8/11/08 5:00pm8/11/08 5:00pm

VW Unveils Olympics Edition Beetles for Beijing Games

The people's car will be playing an automotive role during the people's games of this summers Beijing Olympics. Volkswagen is the exclusive automotive sponsor of the upcoming smoggy games and New Beetles will be the official shuttle for all manner of Olympic official and Government overseer. What you have here are the… »1/28/08 12:15pm1/28/08 12:15pm