One Billion Served: A Sea Of Humanity Enters The China Auto Show

We've come across this video from a visitor to the Beijing Auto Show — it's running through the 27th in the billion-person country of China (buy your tickets now, folks!) and although it's not the most exciting piece of footage we've ever seen, it's fun to watch the beginning and see the sea of humanity attempting… »11/20/06 10:41am11/20/06 10:41am

Sneak Peek at the Audi Q5? Volkswagen Neeza Concept Debuts in Beijing

Volkswagen unveiled its Neeza crossover concept in Beijing, which has the chin of an Audi Q7, but the heart of a Las Vegas lounge act. Actually, whispers indicate the concept may hearken the ute-like stylings of the upcoming Audi Q5, which is expected to be introduced next year, possibly at the Frankfurt show. The… »11/20/06 8:09am11/20/06 8:09am

Chrysler Boss: Company Even Closer to Choosing China's Chery to Build Subcompact

According to Automotive News. Chrysler's about as close to picking China's Chery Automobile to build its new subcompact model as it can be without actually, say, selecting them. The group's CEO Tom LaSorda told reporters in Beijing (hmm) that the car — a ~$14,000 model likely based on the Hornet Concept shown at this… »11/17/06 12:42pm11/17/06 12:42pm

China's Hybrid Race: Chery to Show Hybrid at Beijing Show, Others to Follow?

Will the third Sino-Japanese war be over hybrid cars? China's Chery Automobile just announced plans to show off its first hybrid car at the Auto China 2006 show in Beijing next week. While it's unclear if the system's been developed in house, or if it's a product of UK engineering firm Ricardo (as a report last year … »11/14/06 7:43am11/14/06 7:43am