Watch RWB take their insane Porsche tuning to Bangkok

Some of the most over the top Porsches in the world come from the mind of Nakai-San, the man behind world famous tuning shop RAUH-Welt Begriff. RWB Porsches have always been products of Japan where Nakai-San and the shop call home, until now. » 9/11/11 9:00am 9/11/11 9:00am

Zen and the art of building the world's most desirable Porsches

I've never driven a RWB Porsche, but I know I want one. The same way I've never driven the Stelvio Pass but I know I must. The enigmatic creator, Nakai-San, is another reason. » 8/19/11 12:30pm 8/19/11 12:30pm