Watch a massive Russian truck save itself from almost certain disaster

If you've never heard of a Russian Kirovec K-701 commercial truck don't worry—we hadn't either until we came across this amazing video this past week on We're not exactly sure how this 30,000 pound truck ended up in the middle of a river but we've certainly seen crazier things happen in Russia. »1/14/12 9:00am1/14/12 9:00am

Intoxicated Russian innovator comes up with new use for windshield wipers

There was a time when windshield wipers were just safety devices used to keep your windshield clear of weather and debris. That time is over. As this Russian genius demonstrates, once you are stuck in the mud windshield wipers can be used for a completely different and arguably more important task—holding your booze.
»12/17/11 4:00pm12/17/11 4:00pm