Chinese Tuner Builds Ferrari "Ch-Enzo" Out Of Geely Coupe

We've seen our fair share of fake Ferrari Enzos and Chinese clones, but this Chinese-built copy of a $650,000 Ferrari Enzo made from a Geely Beauty Leopard is a first for us. We dub thee — "Chen-Zo." » 6/12/09 5:15pm 6/12/09 5:15pm

10.) Geely Beauty Leopard

The Geely Beauty Leopard is doubly misleading because the little coupe is neither quick like an actual Leopard or particularly beautiful. Despite a name most Americans would find slightly effeminate, the Beauty Leopard is a hit in China.
» 4/20/09 6:25pm 4/20/09 6:25pm

Beauty! Geely Gives Beauty Leopard a Makeover

Now this is more like it. The original Geely Beauty Leopard coupe looked like something born of congress between a Geo Storm and a first-gen Hyundai Tiburon. But with so much domestic competition, Geely couldn't default to mid-1990s Korean design constructs. It had to aim higher, and it has. Aimed, that is. Still,… » 4/17/07 5:42pm 4/17/07 5:42pm

Happy Life! Beauty Leopard Coming to Europe

It looks like a ten-year-old Saturn, and is about as catlike as bottle of rubbing alcohol, but Geely's "Beauty Leopard" may begin stalking Europe (and maybe North America) within the next few years. China's Geely Automobile said it would begin proceedings to bring the $7,500+ coupe — fitted with reverse-engineered… » 7/26/06 9:18am 7/26/06 9:18am