What I Learned From The Most Disappointing Race Weekend Ever

All racing is endurance racing for the people whose blood, sweat and grease go into building and prepping a race car. Therefore you can imagine the massive disappointment I felt when all that work seemed to go out the roll cage when my car was shunted just minutes into a race. The only bigger FAIL would come from not… »6/27/13 10:08am6/27/13 10:08am

Car And Driver Gives Five Reasons To Not Buy A Cheap Beater Car, We Disagree

Car And Driver »9/19/08 10:30am9/19/08 10:30am realizes that while hybrids and alternative fuels may get all the hype, the solution for many people on fuel economy is still the simple old econo-bucket beater. However, they've come up with five reasons why buying something like a cheap old Geo Metro isn't a good idea. makes some valid points, but…

Trailer Park Special R/C Buick Finds A Way To Leave Puddle Of Electrons

Some of you with very long memories might recall having seen my Hayward-style Impala model last year. That was a fun project, but TexanIdiot has taken the whole weathered-model concept a big step further, by making a model beater that actually drives. Welcome to the Trailer Park Special R/C Buick model, which features… »7/17/08 5:00pm7/17/08 5:00pm

Beater Of The Week: You Want Cheap Car? We Know Cheap Car!

Fellow ex-Year One copywriter Andrew, having seen today's QOTD, sends us a tip about his fine website, Beater Review. Beater Review covers today's QOTD topic in exhaustive detail and includes such fine automobiles as the Olds Achieva and Volvo 240GL. We also dig the Wrecker Bait section. Jalopnik says check it out! »6/27/07 3:00pm6/27/07 3:00pm