This Is What U.S.-Russian Relations Could Have Been

This amazing photo shows fighting machines that were built as enemies, the B-52 Stratofortress and the Tu-95 Bear, along with the later Cold War era KC-10 Extender and An-124 Condor, all sitting together peacefully on the same ramp. Clearly it was shot at a time when both sides were trying to make the best of the… »8/02/15 9:25am8/02/15 9:25am

Reducing Roads Could Boost Nation's Number One Threat...Bears!

A study conducted by biologists Scott Nielsen and Mark Boyce at the University of Alberta indicates if road density is not reduced in logging areas, the grizzly population may continue its decline in the Canuckian province. Apparently, roads in and out of logging areas increase the animals' risk of death though… »10/31/08 8:30am10/31/08 8:30am

Robotic Teddy Bear Navigation System Points, Nags, Thrills Japanese

iXs Research Corporation has unveiled a truly creepy GPS navigation system. Rather than having a standard LCD display screen/audio output that shows and tells directions, the system consists of a one-foot-tall teddy bear that not only speaks directions, but also points in the general vicinity in which you need to go.… »6/04/08 4:40pm6/04/08 4:40pm