The Kind Of Victory Celebration That Will Make A Driver Not Want To Win

Driving a race car is a dangerous activity, which is why celebrations in victory lane should be enjoyable and not the stuff of your worst nightmares. Right? No, not right. There are race tracks out there that make winning drivers pose for photos with live bears, rattlesnakes and other dangerous animals—oh my!

New Video Of F-14 Tomcat Escorts And Cruise Missiles As Russia Steps Up Syria Offensive

New video is emerging of Russia’s heavy bomber sorties and naval cruise missile strikes against targets in Syria. This includes some pretty amazing bomb and cruise missile drop sequences and footage showing the bombers’ fighter escorts, which included Iranian F-14A Tomcats and Russian Su-30SM Flankers.

Russian Bombers Pound Syria For The First Time As Putin Says Bomb Brought Down Airbus

Russia has now integrated its strategic bomber assets into its air campaign in Syria. Tu-22M3s Backfires, Tu-95MS Bears, and even Russia’s precious handful of Tu-160 Blackjack bombers have all delivered ordinance onto targets in Syria. This comes as Putin himself has announced that a bomb did indeed take down…