BBDO Detroit Loses Jeep Account To San Francisco-Based Cutwater

Ouch, and the hits just keep coming — we've just heard from a reliable source that BBDO Detroit's just lost the Jeep account to Chuck McBride's new San-Francisco-based "boutique ad agency" of Cutwater. Right, because after the femme-disaster that is the Compass, they really need to be going with a creative agency… » 4/03/07 11:20am 4/03/07 11:20am

Ad Watch: Can The Dodge Avenger Turn You Into Deep Purple, Batman Or A…

We'd heard initially the Dodge Avenger campaign might be something more hoontastic, so we already knew we'd be a bit disappointed by the campaign no matter how good it ended up. However, even through the disappointment, we tried to do our level best to keep our minds on a level playing field. Still, despite the… » 3/07/07 2:45pm 3/07/07 2:45pm

Jeep Stops Head-Bobbing: LaSorda Pissed At Everyone, Sends Marketing…

Apparently Tom LaSorda's got some serious rage going on today. We're assuming it's about the terrible head-bobbing ads for the Jeep Compass and not just random displays of bravado in the face of what'll more than likely be a terrible Valentine's Day tomorrow. The ads, which were criticized by both the ad pundit class… » 2/13/07 5:19pm 2/13/07 5:19pm

Ad Watch Exclusive: Chrysler Fires One Past The Censors

Looks like the folks at BBDO Detroit were having all sorts of fun while filming those web-only ads we found creative on earlier this week for the 'merican side of the German-American hybrid, creating a few different versions. But these two commercials for the Jeep Commander (above) and the Chrysler 300 (below the… » 11/24/06 12:06pm 11/24/06 12:06pm

Ad Watch: Chrysler Group's Looking For You To Make The Folgers Switch

Chrysler's using the same idea as the "if you can find a better car, buy it" ads — except this time they're striking straight into foreign territory with some humor in these web-only BBDO Detroit ads designed to push import-owners into buying new Chrysler Group vehicles. The first commercial, above is for the… » 11/22/06 5:12pm 11/22/06 5:12pm

Ad Watch: Chrysler, Dodge And Jeep Look To Stem Sales Losses With…

Yes, we know Sirius sucks compared to XM — but, free satellite radio's free satellite radio, and considering the lease deals the folks at the Chrysler Group are now reported to be offering, I feel like it's almost a pity deal. So pony up your $185 or whatever per month, and you too can save a starving automaker —… » 11/10/06 8:01pm 11/10/06 8:01pm

Ad Watch: Dodge Tries To Jump Start Its Heart With The Nitro SUV

Welcome to badge-engineering that actually makes a vehicle look like something totally original — enter, the Dodge Nitro. The small SUV that says "anything but Jeep Liberty." And also, we're pleased to welcome you to some special advertising goodness from the folks at BBDO Detroit — makers of some of our other fave » 10/25/06 6:12pm 10/25/06 6:12pm

Ad Watch: Forget Beef, Jeep's What's For Dinner...If You're King Kong

We snagged another new commercial from the folks in Auburn Hils for the German-American hybrid's new four-door member to the Jeep family. In this ad, two gorillas are grooming each other when one spots a tasty little bug on the forest floor. Poor little gorilla's gonna get a nasty surprise in the form of tire marks… » 9/20/06 8:45am 9/20/06 8:45am

Ad Watch: Yup, That's One Head-Bobbin' Jeep Compass

There are four ads for the Jeep Compass featuring bobblehead dolls head-bobbing at each other. Each of the four make an attempt at being funny, and then just as quickly, they each fail. On top of that, they're just creepy as hell, and there's no real explanation for who, what, why, where...and to be honest, we… » 8/04/06 2:09pm 8/04/06 2:09pm

Pig And Bear Think It's Time For A Contest — An IPod For Their Thoughts?

We still can't get enough of those cute little scamps from the meadow — Pig & Bear. They're just too...darn...adorable — even when being served up on a platter by the equally scampy Dodge Caliber. Well, we've talked to the creators of the little munchkins — better known as the good people at BBDO Detroit — and… » 6/06/06 5:30pm 6/06/06 5:30pm