Pre-Owned BMW Ads Now Completely Indiscernible From Syphilis PSAs

What It's Selling: Pre-owned Bimmers

Where It's At: Greece

What This Ad Literally Says: "You know you're not the first"

What This Ad Intends To Say: Would you say no to a sexy looking woman just because she's not a virgin? Probably not unless you're one of those "religious types." Therefore, BMW hopes you'd… »7/16/08 11:20am7/16/08 11:20am

Ad Watch: The Dodge Nitro — Now With Twice The Time, Twice The Heaviness Of The Original Commercial

Earlier this week, we had the opportunity to show you the new 30 second BBDO NY spot for the Dodge Nitro, with a hint we'd seen a bigger version of this breaking-through-the-earth ad over the weekend. Well, we've now got the big and anything but cute 60 second Nitro "Planet" spot, and here it is — but other than… »11/09/06 10:06am11/09/06 10:06am

Ad Watch: Dodge's Higher Caliber Of Viral Video — Shoots Bear In Face, Eats Pig

BBDO already created a silly li'l set of ads to sell Dodge's Caliber CUV — and now, thanks to an enterprising reader we see they've got some silly li'l viral video to go with it. Watch three friends — bear, pig and Caliber — enjoy a lovely afternoon trip to the meadow to dance and sing. What could possibly go wrong?… »5/16/06 8:14pm5/16/06 8:14pm