Top Gear One Of Only Three BBC Shows Being Considered For North Korea

Top Gear, a British motoring programme about three capitalist buffoons doing nothing but driving the ultimate pleasure symbols of Western society hard working, salt of the Earth communists, is one of only three BBC shows being considered for broadcast in North Korea. Take that, Pramface. » 4/07/14 10:40am 4/07/14 10:40am

Top Gear Filming Its 'Most Ambitious Shoot Yet'

The new season of Top Gear (UK) begins its 20th series (or season, as we Yanks call it) next week, but that hasn't stopped plenty of leaks about what's coming up. Especially not a leak of this proportion – Jeremy Clarkson himself called it their "most ambitious shoot yet." » 6/23/13 3:30pm 6/23/13 3:30pm

Everything You Need To Know About Top Gear Season 20

Jalopnik got a hold of some juicy details on Top Gear's next season and lemme just tell ya: it's gonna be awesome. There will be yacht races, taxi races, a new reasonably priced car, and tons of supercars all premiering on June 30th. » 6/19/13 5:11pm 6/19/13 5:11pm

Watch Olympic Cycling Champion Chris Hoy’s Documentary On Colin McRae

Last week, Sir Patrick Stewart's took us on a journey with the fantastic Sir Stirling Moss himself. The great thing about that was the fact that both of those gentleman are in a good health, so nothing was more natural for them than enjoying a ride in a Mercedes-Benz racecar together. » 1/30/13 9:30am 1/30/13 9:30am

James May Says YouTube And Facebook Are Ruining Top Gear

It's hard out there for Captain Slow and his buddies at Top Gear. Every season, they try to dazzle us with insane new stunts and ridiculous road tests. The problem is that in recent years, their antics end up posted on YouTube or on Facebook or on auto websites months or weeks before the episode airs. We've done it;… » 1/09/13 1:40pm 1/09/13 1:40pm

Everything You Need To Know About Top Gear Season 19

Jalopnik this morning has learned from insiders how Top Gear's upcoming 19th season is set to go down, and we can tell you that it is loaded with tests of some of our favorite cars, crazy exploration missions, car rugby, supercar adventures in the U.S., and wagons galore. » 1/03/13 10:30am 1/03/13 10:30am

GREAT NEWS! Top Gear Series 19 Probably Begins On January 27th

Have you spent the last few months of your lives curled in a fetal position, weeping softly as you fight through Top Gear withdrawals? Me too. But there's light at the end of this tunnel: the 19th series of our favorite TV show (besides Honey Boo Boo, obviously) is set to begin airing on Jan. 27, according to Final… » 1/02/13 9:00am 1/02/13 9:00am

Jeremy Clarkson Will Host Top Gear For At Least Three More Years With…

Along with co-hosts James May and Richard Hammond, Jeremy Clarkson has signed a new three-year contract with BBC2 to continue hosting Top Gear. What a relief. Without the snarky Yorkshireman at the helm, the whole thing would go to pieces. » 9/27/12 10:15am 9/27/12 10:15am

Richard Hammond On A Crash Course To America

You've read about our bug-infested behind-the-scenes sneak peek, now it's time to experience the whole thing. Richard Hammond's Crash Course, the Hamster's solo tour of America and its biggest, baddest rides, is set to debut next month on BBC America. » 3/16/12 4:30pm 3/16/12 4:30pm

Judge Throws Out Tesla's Top Gear Libel Lawsuit

Amidst the Tesla battery problem, comes news of a judgment from the UK courts again dismissing Tesla Motors' complaints and reiterating that Top Gear did nothing libelous or maliciously false in the program's review of the Tesla Roadster. » 2/23/12 9:05am 2/23/12 9:05am

Jeremy Clarkson says striking workers should be "executed in front of…

Are you a government employee on strike? Like Top Gear? Here's what Jeremy Clarkson thinks of you: "I'd have them all shot. I would take them outside and execute them in front of their families." Clarkson made the characteristically over-the-top remark on The One Show, a daily, magazine-type program on BBC One. » 11/30/11 3:31pm 11/30/11 3:31pm