Battleships Pulled Off The Biggest Ruse Of Operation Desert Storm 25 Years Ago

During Operation Desert Storm, a creative war plan was put into action that aimed at making Saddam’s forces think that a massive beach landing on the Kuwaiti coastline was imminent. A pivotal component of this ruse was extremely heavy shelling that only the USS Missouri and USS Wisconsin’s 16 inch guns could provide.


Donald Trump’s Crazy Idea To Bring Back Battleships Might Actually Be Possible

As usual, the cable news networks were waiting with baited breath last night for what was touted as a foreign policy speech, with details, by Donald Trump on the deck of the Battleship USS Iowa. Well, that didn’t happen. Instead we got the usual mix of talking points, although he did briefly mention that he wants to…

Billionaire Paul Allen Finds Sunken Battleship With Private Submarine

Paul Allen was an original founder of Microsoft, started a space launch company and now owns the Seattle Seahawks, as well as one of the world's largest yachts, which comes with its own submarine. With a long list of accomplishments under his belt, he did the one thing you would do. Go looking for sunken battleships.

Iowa Class Battleships Are The Widest Ships To Ever Use The Panama Canal

Now that's a tight fit! The image above depicts the decommissioned USS Iowa's final transit through the Panama Canal on March 28, 2001. The Iowa Class Battleships were the widest ships to ever traverse the canals, with a beam of 108 feet against the canal's width of just 110 feet, leaving only inches to spare on…