How The Tesla Battery Will Benefit Marijuana Growers

A medium-sized commercial weed grow with around 50 lights stands to save about $13,500 in electricity costs a year with the use of two Tesla Batteries. Those will also protect the plants in case of power outages while making the operation less visible to law enforcement. Elon Musk just made growing weed easier.
»5/01/15 6:30pm5/01/15 6:30pm


The Li-Ion In Winter: Companies to Attempt Lower Cost Hybrid Battery

One of the major costs associated with hybrid vehicles is the Lithium-Ion battery pack that powers the electric motor. In that spirit, Ricardo and QinetiQ are teaming up with the UK's Department for Transport to create a dramatically cheaper battery. The project, cleverly called RED-LION (REDuced cost LIthium-iON),… »11/07/07 3:15pm11/07/07 3:15pm

Breaking! Toyota Wants A Hetero Life-Mate To Help With Hybrid Battery Development

Although Toyota's been interested in "looking at" a plug-in hybrid for a while now, they've only now decided it needs some help on the batteries needed for real long-range driving. Thus, we've got the following Reuters report of a convo they had with Jim Press, US President of Japan's super best number one awesome… »3/02/07 3:49pm3/02/07 3:49pm

And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Parts: Battery Maintenance

The battery in a modern automobile is not of very modern technology. Despite promises of atomic cars and everlasting power, the old tech lead-acid battery still rides under many hoods. So-called maintenance-free batteries are really just updated versions of the first automotive lead-acid battery used to kick over a… »12/30/06 2:06pm12/30/06 2:06pm

Lashing out the Action, Returning the Reaction: New Batteries Could Give E-Cars Needed Juice

What's the biggest problem with electric cars? Sure, some would say it's that they're too quiet, making them a danger to pedestrians, but that's been solved by a simple technology called Baseball Cards in the Spokes (or something like that). The real biggest problem is battery technology. But one company is testing a… »3/24/06 7:32am3/24/06 7:32am