Aussie Man Builds Big-Block Batman Tumbler With Nitrous, Videotapes Entire Build Process

Beginning in 2006, Aussie superhero Grant Hodgson started off with a dream, a dream of being the Batman, and he's been building a faithful replica of the Tumbler ever since. This time it comes with a build blog. Grant's version looks to be even closer to the real deal than the one built by Bob Dullam »9/05/08 6:00pm9/05/08 6:00pm, featuring a 560…

Screw The Tumbler: We'll Take A Homemade 1940s VW Bug Batmobile

Well before Adam West donned his sexy skin-tight Bat Suit and hopped into the Ford version of the Batmobile, DC's "Dark Knight" had a little-known, slightly less sleek sled. The original 1940s era Batmobile was apparently a mix of VW Beetle and Cord style — with the requisite wings and fins, of course. Bob Dullum may… »8/12/08 3:20pm8/12/08 3:20pm