The Best Batman Ever Drove A Custom Atari-Equipped '71 T-Bird

I can't believe I never heard of this guy until very recently. I can't believe most of us haven't heard of this guy. Because Willie Perry may just be the closest thing we've ever had to an actual, no-joke super hero. Like Batman, he had no made-up powers; unlike Batman, he wasn't rich. But he had the badass car, and… » 1/30/15 4:11pm 1/30/15 4:11pm

Prepare To Be Insanely Jealous Of This Toddler's Batmobile Stroller

Remember being insanely jealous of that little kid with the custom-made Groot swing? Well prepare to be envious of yet another toddler because the same web series responsible for that Guardians of the Galaxy swing—Super-Fan Builds—is back with a stroller designed and engineered to look exactly like the Tumbler… » 1/19/15 1:49pm 1/19/15 1:49pm

For Sale: The Original Batmobile You Never Knew Existed

Most people think that that real-life Batmobiles started with the famous George Barris-customized Lincoln Futura that starred in the camp-tacular 1960s Batman TV series. But there was one officially-licensed Batmobile that had Barris beat by years, and now it's for sale. » 11/13/14 2:58pm 11/13/14 2:58pm

Unmasking the Mysterious Batman of Japan's Highways

Recently, photos of Batman on a Japanese highway surfaced. Who was that masked man? People want to know! And through the magic of television, we found out. » 8/28/14 7:40am 8/28/14 7:40am

Watch The Jeep Renegade In The New Batman Slide During Its Chase Scene

We spotted this 2015 Jeep Renegade decked out in Wayne Industries security markings on the set of the upcoming Batman Vs. Superman movie just hours ago. Now we're sure it's going to get at least a little action time; watch it rip around Detroit just inches off the nose of this Mercedes ML camera rig! » 8/07/14 5:44pm 8/07/14 5:44pm

2015 Jeep Renegade Will Work For Bruce Wayne In New Batman Movie

Detroit-based PR guy John Mozena spotted this "trail rated" 2015 Jeep Renegade rocking what looks like Wayne Industries security livery on the set of the upcoming Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn Of Justice movie. » 8/07/14 10:57am 8/07/14 10:57am

The New Batmobile Looks Like A Giant Rally Fighter

From Truck Yeah: Two weeks ago we saw the first picture of Sad Ben Affleck Batman standing next to his fancy new Batmobile. Since then, a new photo has surfaced that purportedly shows the car from 2016's Batman v. Superman: Dawn Of Justice. And it looks like a gigantic Rally Fighter! » 5/27/14 2:26pm 5/27/14 2:26pm

The Next Batmobile: This Is It

Ladies and gentlemen, meet the new face of vehicular crime fighting (and apparently Superman fighting) in Gotham City. This is the Batmobile that will make its debut in Zack Snyder's Batman Vs. Superman, the sequel to Man of Steel due out in 2016. » 5/13/14 12:10pm 5/13/14 12:10pm

Is The New Batmobile A Hybrid?

And now, a dispatch from the Jalopnik Department Of Crazy Rumors: We're hearing that the new Batmobile from the upcoming Batman Vs. Superman film, likely to be unveiled today, might be hybrid. Say whaaaaaat? » 5/13/14 9:42am 5/13/14 9:42am

The Next Batmobile Looks Like It's Gonna Be Mean As Hell

Batman vs. Superman director Zac Snyder just tweeted out a teaser for the next Batmobile. And while it's still mostly covered up in this photo, it doesn't look like it's messing around. At. All. » 5/12/14 1:57pm 5/12/14 1:57pm

The Next Batman Game Is Arkham Knight

UPDATE (10:36am): It's official—WB has announced Arkham Knight via this month's Game Informer. The game will feature a big open-world Gotham (supposedly bigger than Arkham City's); familiar Batman villains Scarecrow, Penguin, Two-Face, and Harley Quinn; and a driveable Batmobile. » 3/04/14 9:56am 3/04/14 9:56am

Who's foolish enough to not bid on a Batman Tumbler golf cart?

I don't know about you guys but I don't have much self control when it comes to awesome things that deserve to be purchased. Even if they don't do anything I can't help myself. See awesome, buy awesome. I assume the entire world operates like that too. So now I'm thinking about how many people are going to put… » 12/04/13 12:25am 12/04/13 12:25am

The New Batmobile May Be Built By The GM Team Behind Transformers

In case you haven't heard, Ben Affleck will be the next Batman, and he's picking himself a fight with Superman in his next movie outing. Of course, Batman has to have a Batmobile, and the word is that General Motors is on the case. » 10/30/13 12:36pm 10/30/13 12:36pm

Jay Leno Finds Batman's Tumbler Is More Of A Real Car Than You Think

Everyone on the Internet was up in arms over the Tumbler when photos of it hit the web back in 2004 or 2005 before Batman Begins came out. Now, after three movies of jumping rooftops, blowing stuff up and pancaking cop cars, it's considered one of the best Batmobiles ever. » 9/30/13 3:26pm 9/30/13 3:26pm

Incredible Arcade Sim Will Let You Drive Every Batmobile

For all of the Batman games that have come and gone, very few have ever let you play with the Dark Knight's ultimate toy: The Batmobile. But that's all about to change thanks to this new arcade simulator from Raw Thrills and Specular Interactive that lets you drive almost everything in Batman's garage through the… » 9/28/13 9:00am 9/28/13 9:00am

The Most Intrepid Superhero Spaceships

On Earth, superheroes can soar through the air and swing through the urban jungle like Tarzan. But when costumed crime-fighters go into deep space, they often need a ship to zoom around in. Here's a round up of insane and awesome superhero space vehicles. » 9/01/13 12:18pm 9/01/13 12:18pm

The incredible miniature vehicles used in The Dark Knight

While many of the chase scenes in Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight may have looked larger than life, some were actually quite a bit smaller. Take a look at the model mobiles that sped and smashed through the streets of Gotham. » 8/18/13 3:00pm 8/18/13 3:00pm

The 15 Most Ludicrous Superhero Vehicles

What superheroes have in high morals and immense powers, they often lack in common sense, at least as regards to vehicles. That’s the only way to explain the plethora of weird, garish or outright idiotic superhero cars, jets and other nonsense clogging our nation’s highways and airspace. Here are 15 vehicles that… » 7/17/13 11:00am 7/17/13 11:00am