Watch Catwoman crash the Batpod into a camera on Batman set

You've seen Anne Hathaway astride the popular, two-wheeled Bat conveyance — the Batpod. Now watch her stunt double demolish a movie camera (IMAX?) while filming an action scene for the third movie in director Christopher Nolan's Bat-trilogy. Oof. No breakfast burrito for her. » 8/09/11 4:00pm 8/09/11 4:00pm

My Motorcycle Leathers Turn Me Into... Batman!

Universal Designs just unveiled their Iron Man motorcycle leathers. But it's not the first time they've gone the superhero-aping route, they've also made a protective suit to look like Batman. Kinda cool, but mostly incredibly dorky. » 7/16/10 2:30pm 7/16/10 2:30pm

How To Build Your Own Batpod

When The Dark Knight hit theaters in 2008, everyone loved Batman's Batpod, an outrageous, nearly undrivable motorcycle with a bad attitude. Someone even built one and put it up on eBay. Forget that. Here's how to make your own. » 6/02/10 1:15pm 6/02/10 1:15pm

The finished Batpod in these pictures was initially put up for sale…

One Year Later, The Batpod's Still Pretty Damn Cool

Last week was the one year anniversary of the Batpod's first appearance in The Dark Knight and frankly it's aging better than most production vehicles. Actually, it's still cool as hell one year later. Gallery below straight from Comic Con. » 7/23/09 6:45pm 7/23/09 6:45pm

Batpod Photographed, Less Subtle Than Lamborghini

In a move we're assuming the Joker will be unable to duplicate in "The Dark Knight", reader Erich caught the intimidating new Batpod up close and personal on the set of a photoshoot and snapped off a couple pics of his own. While the two-wheeled cohort of the Tumbler probably elicits pleas for mercy from its riders,… » 6/27/08 5:00pm 6/27/08 5:00pm

Dark Knight Trailer Hits Web, Shows Off all Sorts of Bat-Vehicles

Our sister site obsessed with all things gadgets just hipped us to the new trailer for the new Batman movie. We must say, it's got a plethora of different action shots of new Batty vehicular goodness. Whether it's the Tumbler or the BatPod or even Joker's crazy truck, there's a lot of transportation options in the… » 12/17/07 8:15am 12/17/07 8:15am

Batpod And Batmobile From New Batman Movie Caught On Film

In case you haven't heard the next Batman movie will include a motorcycle that's been nicknamed the "Batpod" — yes, we know it's a lame name. But whatevs, thanks to tipster Ninan, we've got the snazzy little cycle on film moving for the first time (not including Meredith Viera straddling the Batpod on the air),… » 7/23/07 3:20pm 7/23/07 3:20pm