BAT 11dk: First Private Car Displayed On Detroit Auto Show Main…

Dr. Gary Kaberle, a Michigan Dentist, is the first-ever private individual to display a vehicle on the main floor of the Detroit Auto Show with his BAT 11dk. » 1/13/09 10:45am 1/13/09 10:45am

Commenter Of The Day: Ugly-Sexy Edition

We've commented on the Ugly Sexy Factor before. It's also known as the Lyle Lovett Effect or the Jeneane Garofalo Paradox. This is where a person, or an object, can be ugly to some and sexy to others or, rarely, simultaneously both obviously unattractive by common measures and still irresistibly magnetic. This is… » 7/29/08 6:30pm 7/29/08 6:30pm

EXCLUSIVE: Alfa Romeo Bertone BAT 11 Concept Makes North American Debut!

The Alfa Romeo Bertone BAT 11 may have evaded our lenses when it made an off-site debut at the Geneva Auto Show last March, but not this time. Now we've got the first live shots of the BAT 11 on American soil. The artfully-designed car was revealed today at the press event ahead of this weekend's 2008 Meadow Brook… » 7/29/08 3:41pm 7/29/08 3:41pm