Barack Obama Advertising Inside Online Racing Video Games, Attempts To Pick Up Crucial Xbox 360 Vote

Barack Obama has begun advertising on billboards within the virtual world of an online video game in what appears to be a first for a presidential campaign. Players of the online racing video game Burnout Paradise »10/13/08 11:24pm10/13/08 11:24pm on the Xbox 360 Live network noticed billboards promoting Barack Obama and the website , which helps…

Illinois Woman Wants To Sell You Obama's 2000 Grand Cherokee

Liz Murphy of Naperville, Illinois discovered while signing papers on a 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee »8/29/08 4:00pm8/29/08 4:00pm that the vehicle had been owned by then state senator . Local paper reports that Murphy was happy to discover her Jeep had been celebrity-owned, but now that Obama has a chance at the White House, she's hoping to cash in…

Obama Wants A Million Plug-In Hybrids On US Roads By 2015

Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama delivered an energy policy speech in Lansing, MI yesterday, a key pillar of which is the goal of putting one million plug-in hybrids on US roads by 2015. Obama's proposal would help offset the initial cost of the ambitious program by providing up to $7,000 in tax credits to… »8/05/08 8:30am8/05/08 8:30am

Barack Obama To Sponsor NASCAR Sprint Cup Car In Florida, Other Cars To Turn Right In Protest

Presidential hopeful Barack Obama will be attempting to reach red state audiences by sponsoring a NASCAR Sprint Cup car for the Pocono race on August 3rd of this year. Assuming no one gives it the red flag, this will be the first time that a presidential candidate has officially sponsored a NASCAR entrant. The… »7/11/08 2:20pm7/11/08 2:20pm