Everyone's Using The "B-Word" Except The Not-So-Big Three

After scrutinizing not-so-Big Three CEO's testimony before the Senate yesterday to see who would and would not utter the dreaded "b-word" we noticed a pattern. Everyone was willing to publicly acknowledge the possibility except the chairmen of Ford, Chrysler and GM. If you don't say it, it can't happen right? hat tip… »12/05/08 2:00pm12/05/08 2:00pm

CNBC's Jim Cramer: "What's Good For GM Is Still Good For America"

The red rubber bull-biting bald man by the name of Jim Cramer had a mouthful to say about the Motor City today — making clear his belief that if Motown gets showed D.C.'s checkbook, then we've seen the lows of this financial downturn. I tend to agree. Right now, according to Cramer, the issue isn't anymore whether you… »11/14/08 6:45pm11/14/08 6:45pm

GM Will Go Bankrupt: Why That May Actually Be Good For The General

I'm not the first person to say it. After yesterday's 31% drop in the price per share »10/10/08 8:30am10/10/08 8:30am, news outlets talking to the right people this morning are already saying it, albeit fecklessly, like thus: "Will GM declare bankruptcy?" All I'm doing is removing the question mark. The pundits saying "" are completely ignorant of…

Bill Heard, Nations Top-Selling Chain Of Chevy Dealerships, Goes Out Of Business

Bill Heard Enterprises is closing its remaining 13 car dealerships. The country’s top selling Chevy dealer group, Heard blames "adverse economic conditions, high gasoline prices and our traditional product mix.” However, Heard has come under significant legal scrutiny in the past few years, leading us to believe that… »9/25/08 1:00pm9/25/08 1:00pm

Chrysler Plays Chicken with Parts Supplier, Parts Supplier Loses

Ah, the weird, weird world of supply chains, Motown business practices and secretive private equity maneuverings. Yesterday, Plastech Engineered Products Inc., Chrysler's main supplier of parts, filed for bankruptcy. Chrysler, owned by private-equity firm Cerberus Capital Management, sued to obtain the toolings… »2/05/08 1:15pm2/05/08 1:15pm

Breaking! Delphi Gets $3.4 Billion As A Little Something To Keep It Going Through The Show

Well, it looks as though the saga of whether auto parts supplier Delphi will drag the General underwater into the inky abyss is getting a bit of a reprieve today. That reprieve is coming to the tune of $3.4 billion in stock buybacks of the broke n' busted auto supplier from Appaloosa Management LP, Cerberus Capital… »12/18/06 9:25am12/18/06 9:25am

Breaking! Collins & Aikman Submits Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Reorganization Plan

The once-beleaguered auto supplier and current stunner of automotive supplier industry critics, Collins & Aikman, released a gameplan for bankruptcy reorganization that should allow them a way out of its current Chapter 11 status. Although confirmation of the plan still is subject to a bunch of conditions — like… »8/31/06 9:48am8/31/06 9:48am