Road Raging Taxi Driver Jump Kicks Fellow Motorist Through Open Window

While the stereotype of taxi drivers around the world is one thing, taxi drivers in Thailand can seem a special type of crazy. That craziness is certainly on display in what is reportedly a photo of a taxi driver in Bangkok swinging out his open window to kick a passing motorist through his open window. »8/15/15 9:00am8/15/15 9:00am


CNG-Powered City Bus Explodes In Thailand, Demonstrates Importance Of Proper Fuel Conversions

A city bus explosion at a Bangkok natural gas filling station last week appears to highlight the dangers of responding to higher gas prices with slapdash propulsion conversions. According to records, the formerly diesel-powered bus was converted using a shipment of used parts from China and had not registered with the… »8/13/08 11:20am8/13/08 11:20am

Passage to Bangkok: Ford Launches New Ranger Pickup in Thailand

Thailand has something like the second largest market in the world for pickup trucks (though it's probably still somewhere behind that of Newton County, Texas). It's also the culinary home of Pad Thai (i.e., linguini with shrimp and peanuts) and is the regional production hub for Ford's one-ton pickup trucks exported… »3/07/06 11:13am3/07/06 11:13am