PETA Wants To Put Bikini-Clad Vegans On Baltimore Fire Trucks

A Baltimore City Councilman wants to put advertisements on the city's fleet of fire trucks in order to ease their massive debt. Self-aggrandizing alternative ad agency People For The Ethical Treatment Of Animals (PETA) wants to help by buying the first round of ads. Of course, since it's PETA, there's a mostly… »4/23/12 10:30am4/23/12 10:30am

Watch a race car driver lose a tire, pick up the tire, stick the tire in his car, and win the race

Porsche GT3 Cup driver Jeroen Bleekemolen did something stupid while qualifying for this weekend's Baltimore Grand Prix: he drove himself off the track into a narrow run-off zone and lost a tire. Then he did something brilliant: he got out of the car and put the tire in his passenger seat. What? »9/07/11 10:30am9/07/11 10:30am

Watch Tony Kanaan's Indy Car fly over Helio Castroneves, Dukes of Hazzard-style

Helio Castroneves was braking hard into a turn during practice for this weekend's debut of the Baltimore Grand Prix when, out of nowhere, Tony Kanaan went flying over Helio's car and into he wall. Kanaan would later blame a stuck throttle, but after shotgunning five seasons of The Wire in one week we're suspicious. »9/06/11 8:45am9/06/11 8:45am

Subie to Pump More Vehicles Through Baltimore

Baltimore has given us many things. The Orioles, for example. The Colts, too. John Waters! E. Bloom , Richard Hell , Joe Strummer , and John Doe. And now it's about to give us more Subarus. The Fuji Heavy Industries unit is planning to run an additional 31k import and export vehicles across the Maryland city's docks, as… »11/17/06 4:15pm11/17/06 4:15pm