The Bakersfield Smell

The Bakersfield Sound is well heard. Anyone who has motored through the Bakersfield also knows of the Bakersfield smell. While we don't hold a job at the company that makes mirror hanging stinky pines, we do have a theory. The first component is the fumes of agribusiness. The next odd brew of scent arises from oil… » 10/13/07 11:00am 10/13/07 11:00am

Psychic Subtext Command

Directly north of the Grapevine the two paths of State 99 and Interstate 5 diverge. While we were supposed to head north on the 5, psychic power steered us towards the walmart in Bakersfield. The reason? We needed a 12v AC inverter so we could broadcast from the 58, heading west. » 8/16/07 10:04pm 8/16/07 10:04pm

March Meet Postponed!

The Goodguys' March Meet, one of the premier vintage drag races in the country and spiritual heir (sorta) to the legendary Smokers' Meet has been postponed. Originally scheduled to be run this weekend at Famoso Raceway near Bakersfield, high probability of rain in Bak-o and snow as low as 1,500 feet on the Grapevine… » 3/09/06 5:15pm 3/09/06 5:15pm

Worsham to Run Blue Max at Bakersfield

Oh, word. Del and Chuck Worsham's replica of Raymond Beadle's famed Blue Max funny car is running at the Goodguys March Meet in Bakersfield. We're so there; after all, the 'Max was one of the cars that made us fall in love with drag racing in the first place. » 2/16/06 5:16am 2/16/06 5:16am