In United Kingdom, Car Traps YOU! British Bait Cars

Authorities in the UK are experimenting with bait cars that will lock attempted auto thieves in the vehicle until authorities arrive on the scene, a la a sans-insecticide Roach Motel. All well and good! Capital, even! But what if said thieves are armed with tire irons? Are transparent aluminum windows part of the… » 5/08/06 11:17am 5/08/06 11:17am

Brits Employ Bait Cars in West Yorkshire

Although they call 'em "capture cars" ("bait cars" wouldn't be nearly sporting enough, would it, old chap?), the British have begun employing wired autos to catch would-be thieves in West Yorkshire. Plus, they've added a twist they're handing out stickers to the citizenry with verbiage to the effect of "this might be… » 12/07/05 4:18pm 12/07/05 4:18pm