Formula 1:Day 2 Testing Bahrain Session 2 Live

Good Morning once again fellow race fans. Today starts the second day of the second testing session in Bahrain. The boys from Infiniti RedBull haven't been doing all the great lately, so will today be the day that they finally figure everything out? We will see. As usual I will start things off with the lap times so… »2/28/14 7:11am2/28/14 7:11am


Formula 1:Day 1 Testing Bahrain Session 2 Live

Good morning fellow Jalops, today begins the start of the final testing session for Formula 1. Will RedBull finally get their acts together and put in some good times? Will the boys from McLaren and Mercedes go even faster? We're about to find out. Like the last few sessions I will start off with the time sheets so… »2/27/14 7:14am2/27/14 7:14am

Formula 1:Day Four testing Bahrain

Good morning once again ladies and gentlemen. Today ends the first testing session in Bahrain. After this the teams have a quick couple day break to go over all the data and information they have collected thus far and try and apply that new knowledge to either fixing the car, per RedBull and all of the Renault's, or… »2/22/14 10:26am2/22/14 10:26am

Formula 1:Day Three testing Bahrain

Good Morning ladies and gentlemen. So today starts off the third day of practice in Bahrain. Up today we will see everyone's favorite Finn, Kimi Raikkonen. Maybe he will spin his new Ferrari, maybe he won't. We will have to see. One story I will be following closely is will the other McLaren driver, Mr. Jenson Button,… »2/21/14 7:47am2/21/14 7:47am

UPDATE: Raising the RUF: Cayman-Based Tuner to Top Out at 224 mph

Get thee to the UAE. Later today, the Porsche tweakers at RUF will introduce the company's new Porsche Cayman tuner, the CT3, at RUF's new plant in the United Arab Emirates state of Bahrain. The CT3 gets its new lightness from aluminum and carbon-fiber body panels, and employs the same powerplant as RUF's 911 RT12… »4/11/07 8:04am4/11/07 8:04am

Sheikhs Heart Driving Fast: Bahrain Buys 30% of McLaren F1 Group

If you produce the oil that powers the engines, why not own the whole damn car? Or at least a good slice of it? Turns out, the Kingdom of Bahrain's purchase is not unprecedented as Abu Dhabi owns 5% of Ferrari and 15% of Spyker. What does this mean for lay pistonheads like us? Just that F1 will continue to be… »1/10/07 3:55am1/10/07 3:55am

Thursday! Thursday! Thursday! Dragsters Take to the Strip in Bahrain

While we heard some grumbling at SEMA about the way the NHRA has been conducting business lately, drag racing remains the motorsport that simply will not die, and in fact, it's expanding. A year ago, Bahrain held its first drag race, and this year the International Drag Racing Festival kicks off on Thursday at the… »11/09/05 12:49am11/09/05 12:49am