For $5,000, Have Some Safe SLX

Back when your mom was a total Betty the Platters reached number one on both the R&B and pop charts with The Great Pretender, a song about feigning not to care about a spurned love. Today's Nice Price or Crack Pipe SLX is a Trooper pretending it's an Acura, but will you spurn its five thousand dollar price? Ooh-ooh. » 10/03/12 8:00am 10/03/12 8:00am

Which Pony Is The New 2010 Ford Mustang Emblem?

Can you tell which of these two horses is the new emblem for the upcoming 2010 Ford Mustang » 8/27/08 5:40pm 8/27/08 5:40pm? Besides the color, there are actually some subtle differences between the two. Considering the trend of retro styling, will the new emblem actually look than the current one? Choose your horse, place your bets, and make the…

What Th...? What's With This Bimmer's Stinkin' Badges?

Either someone's having, as they say on the continent, a bit of a laugh, or BMW's got some manner of 7.0-liter W12 in the works to counter rival VW's twin-sixey. Sure, it's most likely the former, but whoever put this together is a master of subtle automotive jokes — easily lost on 99% of motorists. Sir, whoever you… » 9/13/06 9:43am 9/13/06 9:43am