Gizmodo Gallery Delorean Gets Lots Of Umm...Looks

We just arrived here at the Temple of Geekdom (aka the Gizmodo Gallery). It was easy to spot, just look for the shonkiest excuse for a Back to the Future-replica DeLorean you’ve ever seen. We’re not just making fun of it because we’ve both driven the DeLorean DMC-12 and seen a parade of DeLoreans down Woodward Avenue… »12/05/08 5:15pm12/05/08 5:15pm

Man Restores Griff Tannen's Hover BMW From Back To The Future 2

Like all children of the Back To The Future »10/23/08 1:00pm10/23/08 1:00pm generation, we can vividly remember the moment Marty spies his nemesis in his hover BMW during the second installment of the futuristic trilogy — though we were never huge enough fans to track down the original movie car, buy it and attempt a complete restoration. Jeff…

Flux Capacitor Replicas Now Available, Plutonium Not Included

It's only taken 23 years, but the heart of the DeLorean is back in a mass-produced replica form. There's no more need to hound eBay looking for a Flux Capacitor because Diamond Select Toys is mass producing the nostalgic time-traveling device. The Flux Capacitor has all of the same lighting effects and adjustable… »5/19/08 3:00pm5/19/08 3:00pm

Video Of A DeLorean DMC-12 Crash Test Not Involving Marty McFly And A Train

If you've ever wanted to see what happens when Doc Brown's time machine hits a wall at 40 mph, then we've got a real treat for you — this here's an early crash test of a DeLorean DMC-12. Enjoy the Mr. Fusion smashing action — at both real-time speed and slow-mo — so you can view every time-bending frame in all of… »10/07/07 4:15pm10/07/07 4:15pm

Dr. Brown, Come Here I Need You: "Back to the Future" Replica Delorean for Sale on eBay

What better way to top off two decades of reading (or writing) "Back to the Future" fan fiction (other than spending some needed "downtime" in a home) than buying a near-exact replica of Dr. Emmet Brown's time-machine Delorean. Reportedly the product of five years of research, this prop comes complete with a working… »5/30/06 1:00am5/30/06 1:00am