Dodge Subcompact Car Design Rendering Shown In Chicago

At the same Chicagop Economic Club event where he announced the Fiat 500 goes on sale stateside this year, Dodge Brand CEO Ralph Giles showed a concept rendering of a fierce new sorta-Hornet-like Dodge subcompact expected to drop in 2013. » 2/15/10 10:30am 2/15/10 10:30am

The Ford Verve Sedan Concept, Now In High-Resolution

Although Ford's new sedan version of the Verve concept's already been unveiled at the Guangzhou International Auto Show and we've already given you the press release and some low-res shots on the Sedan concept of the Ford Verve, we've just now noticed Ford's released some high-res shots showing off the big-hatch b-car… » 11/27/07 9:15am 11/27/07 9:15am

Spy Photos: 2009 Ford Fiesta

Our friends at the blog all about autos have managed to snag pay for some shots of what they believe is FoMoCo's B-segment car we're expecting to see stateside. Although the car they shot is all camo-ed up for out-of-secret-testing-facility road time, you can tell the nose, although similar to the euro-Fiesta, appears… » 6/07/07 12:15pm 6/07/07 12:15pm

Will The Mazda2 Be The Ford2?

As we've said before, FoMoCo's all about needing a subcompact to compete with the hordes of Yaris, Fit and Aveos hitting the shores of this great nation of ours to service those looking for the small, affordable and not-at-all-fast. The current schedule for the b-segment micro-car, as you read first here, is a 2010… » 3/01/07 12:38pm 3/01/07 12:38pm

How Many Drinks Was That? Despite Being Told It Was A Good Size, It…

The latest round of the only official car pundit drinking game's over — and while you're probably no worse for wear, I'm left wondering if perhaps I'm really not as big as I thought I was. All this time spent talking about small B-segment cars, I'm wondering if maybe I've gone and shrunk a foot or so. Be that as it… » 10/12/06 9:01am 10/12/06 9:01am