Will This New Mercedes-Benz 'B' Driving Your Drunk Ass Home?

A Jalopnik reader spotted Berlin's favorite taxi roaming the streets of Aurora, CO, where Mercedes-Benz regularly drives its test vehicles. It's the upcoming B-Class, Mercedes' mini-minivan that could be coming to the US for the first time next year. » 3/22/12 9:30am 3/22/12 9:30am

Chrysler don't need no stinkin' small Euro cars

Chrysler's plan to sell a Fiesta-sized model in the U.S. next year has been canned for being too close to the Fiat 500, Chrysler's marketing chief tells Car & Driver. Chrysler also won't share the Dodge Caliber replacement. » 4/25/11 1:45pm 4/25/11 1:45pm

2011 Ford Fiesta: First Drive

At long last, the U.S.-spec Ford Fiesta is here. It is slightly heavier than its European counterpart, but it's still the best small car you can buy in this country. Welcome to the party, America. » 4/26/10 12:00am 4/26/10 12:00am

Next Mercedes B-Class Getting Pontiac Vibe-Like Profile

Seems the next Mercedes B-Class is abandoning its MPV shape in favor of a more five-door-hatch-like profile. The shape matters not to us as long as they remove the un-Mercedes-like amounts of suck from the current car. [SecretNewCars] » 10/09/09 8:30am 10/09/09 8:30am

2011 Mercedes B-Class Patent Drawings Reveal Shapely Hatchback

Our friends at CarScoop happened upon these EU Patent Office photos of the 2011 Mercedes B-Class, the new line of Mercedes small cars possibly coming stateside. » 4/01/09 12:30pm 4/01/09 12:30pm

Mercedes-Benz A-Class And B-Class Could Be Bound For America, According…

A new Mercedes compact could be in your future, according to mustache aficionado, part-time bartender and Daimler Chief Dieter Zetsche. Despite previous reports that the A-Class was too expensive and the US dollar too weak, the sudden shift in American tastes has made the Mercedes A-Class not so much of a reach. Dr. Z… » 7/28/08 2:40pm 7/28/08 2:40pm

It's Official: Mercedes Designing a B-Class for the US

Call it brand debasement or call it a practical approach to a changing marketplace. Whatever you call it, we're talking about a confirmation Mercedes-Benz is designing its next B-Class for sale in the US. Back in 2005, an unfavorable currency exchange led the company to shelve plans to bring the diminutive, high-roof… » 7/27/07 7:25am 7/27/07 7:25am

Every Old Rumor Is New Again: Could the Small Mercedes Come to the US?

We've seen this movie before. German premium-car company hints to news organization it's considering shipping a Europe-only miniwagen to the US; news organization goes to print; bleary eyed blog writer pens headline with exclamation marks; company tells car magazine it's not going to happen. Fin. That cycle may be in… » 12/27/06 7:15am 12/27/06 7:15am

Treehugger on the Canadian Mercedes B-Class

We were supposed to get a version of the Mercedes B-Class, until the company wised up and remembered not to nuke its stateside brand image — i.e., damaged but still upscale — with the B-(lower)-Class's family-car positioning. Let's not even mention the dollar's weakness against the Euro, or the Canadian dollar's near… » 10/04/05 4:18pm 10/04/05 4:18pm

Carlsson Tunes the Mercedes-Benz B-Class Diesel

It wasn't long ago that the concept of a high-performance diesel seemed as unlikely as a plate of braised cow intestines at Le Cirque. But just as the Florentine's passion for tripe broached high-end dining, so too has the European diesel boom bred diesels, recast by Germany's best tuning shops, that are nearly… » 8/11/05 12:19pm 8/11/05 12:19pm