Mercedes-Benz A-Class And B-Class Could Be Bound For America, According To Dr. Z

A new Mercedes compact could be in your future, according to mustache aficionado, part-time bartender and Daimler Chief Dieter Zetsche. Despite previous reports that the A-Class was too expensive and the US dollar too weak, the sudden shift in American tastes has made the Mercedes A-Class not so much of a reach. Dr. Z… »7/28/08 2:40pm7/28/08 2:40pm

It's Official: Mercedes Designing a B-Class for the US

Call it brand debasement or call it a practical approach to a changing marketplace. Whatever you call it, we're talking about a confirmation Mercedes-Benz is designing its next B-Class for sale in the US. Back in 2005, an unfavorable currency exchange led the company to shelve plans to bring the diminutive, high-roof… »7/27/07 7:25am7/27/07 7:25am

Every Old Rumor Is New Again: Could the Small Mercedes Come to the US?

We've seen this movie before. German premium-car company hints to news organization it's considering shipping a Europe-only miniwagen to the US; news organization goes to print; bleary eyed blog writer pens headline with exclamation marks; company tells car magazine it's not going to happen. Fin. That cycle may be in… »12/27/06 7:15am12/27/06 7:15am