This B-1B Depature Will Melt Your Face Off

Watching a B-1B takeoff at night is like watching Han Solo's beloved Millennium Falcon blasting out of a spaceport. Some of you mentioned seeing fully loaded B-1B departures from the hot desert runways of Al Udeid Air Base in Qatar. Alas, video of exactly this has emerged, and yes, it is glorious. » 3/19/15 9:00pm 3/19/15 9:00pm

Watch The Looming B-1 Bomber That Pounded ISIS In Syria

When one Twitter user wrote that they were cowering in a Syrian pepper field, waiting out the weapons of ISIS while an American B-1B Lancer lobbed crushing explosives at them from the sky, they weren't kidding. Here's video of that very B-1 doing its thing over the town of Kobane. » 10/09/14 10:49am 10/09/14 10:49am

This Is Not A Star Wars Pod Racer Engine

Pod racer engine? Nope. It's a B-1B Lancer F-101 turbofan engine testing earlier this month at Ellsworth Air Force Base, S.D. The B-1 has four F-101 engines, each capable of providing more than 30,000 pounds of thrust with afterburner. » 10/21/10 9:30am 10/21/10 9:30am

Marussia B2: Russia's Second Super Car

What happens when newly-monied Russians design a super car? You get the successor to the first Russian super car, the B1. It's the Marussia B2 and it's got looks to shame a Ferrari Enzo and, supposedly, a 420HP Cosworth mill. » 9/16/09 7:15am 9/16/09 7:15am

Marussia B2, Russia's Second Super Car, Spotted With Comrades

When the Marussia B1 super car dropped cloth, it afforded seemingly limitless jokes about Russia. Now their next car, the Marussia B2, has been spotted completely uncloaked on the streets of Moscow ahead of this week's Frankfurt debut » 9/14/09 10:00am 9/14/09 10:00am