The Pontiac Aztek Is Perfect For Extremely Active Douchebags

During our five-day stint in the Motor City covering the Detroit Auto Show, your Jalopnik staffers noticed no less than 15 Pontiac Azteks on the road — more than 20 if you count its sibling the Buick Rendezvous. What gives, Detroit? Why were so many of these ugly things still running around? Did the city give them… » 1/19/13 9:00am 1/19/13 9:00am

What's The Worst Car Name?

Perhaps out of a fear of naming confusions or reinterpretations, a la the BMW Gina and Pontiac Aztek, many companies seem to be going towards alphanumericism (though that presents trouble in China, where the number "4" conjures up the sound of "death"). People fault the Chevy Nova for its Spanish translation, but we still… » 8/12/08 11:40am 8/12/08 11:40am

Primate Aztek Brings Existential Terror To All!

Brachiate down to eBay, my fellow primates, and feast your eyes on this amazing 2003 Pontiac Aztek. It's got the Lambo Doors, it's got the thumping sound system, and of course it's got the Aztek-tastic babe posing for photos. But most of all, it has primate-themed murals, with everything from chimps to good ol' Homo… » 11/29/07 4:00pm 11/29/07 4:00pm

Which Car Is Growing On You?

We all remember the Pontiac Aztek, our generation's Edsel. A car so bad, Pontiac even managed to spell the name wrong. Design-wise, the worst element (besides the gas-cap wound) was all that damn cladding. But then, after Pontiac only sold four cars in 18 months (or whatever), GM did the unthinkable – they restyled the … » 6/14/07 11:30am 6/14/07 11:30am