Ayrton's Wish Shows The Children Who Benefit From The Senna Legacy

Ayrton Senna wanted children in Brazil to have access to an education. The short film Ayrton's Wish, created in partnership with Gran Turismo 6, documents how Senna's legacy has been carried. Director Tamir Moscivici, who was also behind KAZ: Pushing the Virtual Divide, will be in the comments answering questions. »5/01/14 2:00pm5/01/14 2:00pm

Ayrton Senna's passing 20 years ago: the day F1 stood still

"If I ever happen to have an accident that eventually costs me my life, I hope it is in one go. I would not like to be in a wheelchair. I would not like to be in a hospital suffering from whatever injury it was. If I'm going to live, I want to live fully, very intensely, because I am an intense person. It would ruin… »5/01/14 9:14am5/01/14 9:14am

David Brabham Reflects On The Weekend F1 Lost Ratzenberger And Senna

Now a championship-winning sports car racer, David Brabham's long career has included several stints in Formula 1, one of which coincided with the tragic events of the 1994 San Marino Grand Prix, 20 years ago this week. He recounts that grim weekend where he lost his teammate Roland Ratzenberger, and the world lost… »4/29/14 3:35pm4/29/14 3:35pm