Russian Take On Car Vandalism Is Predictably Bizarre And Hilarious

As car lovers there are few things worse to us than people who take it upon themselves to vandalize other people's cars. Yet judging from the relative frequency with which it occurs, there is still a decent sized section of the population who feels it acceptable and necessary to destroy automobiles. » 2/12/12 5:00pm 2/12/12 5:00pm

Man Crushes Friend's Car With A 100-Ft. Axe In Epic Prank

It's only January 18th and yet an Australian has already accomplished what may stand as the best car prank of 2012 with the help of a 100-ft axe and a lot of cameras. Revenge is a dish best served... with a gigantic freaking axe. » 1/18/12 3:00pm 1/18/12 3:00pm

The Indian Humvee: Mahindra Axe

For a long time, the Indian Self Defense Forces have been running around in WW2 era Jeeps made with surplus or auctioned off tooling. The pressure to keep up with the Joneses has the military in the final approval stages for a new vehicle called the Mahindra Axe. The rugged compact military transit is powered by two… » 1/25/08 2:15pm 1/25/08 2:15pm