Are You Worthy Of Alice Cooper's Studebaker Avanti?

Maybe you passed up Jenna Jameson's Lamborghini, and Lindsay Lohan's SL65 left you cold. Well, forget about those pseudo-celebs' cars, because we've found Alice Cooper's Studebaker for sale! Avanti purists might come after you with the nearest blunt instrument when they see the modern Corvette 350 under the hood...… » 5/21/08 1:00pm 5/21/08 1:00pm

Project Car Hell: IRS-ized V8 MGB-GT or 1963 Studebaker Avanti?

The majority of voters felt that an eternity spent wrenching on a pair of Willys Station Wagons would be preferable to eternity spent with a '58 Pontiac/'62 Mercedes-Benz combo, according to last Friday's Choose Your Eternity poll. That's fine, but what if you'd prefer endless toil on a hopeless challenging fast car?… » 4/14/08 5:20pm 4/14/08 5:20pm

Get Disc Brakes Or Taste Death: Studebakers For 1963

Since we're in a Studebaker mood today, let's see how the doomed South Bend automaker tried to pitch their products during their last year building cars in the United States. You can get a flat floor and lots of rear seat room in the Lark, or the fastest production car in the world when you got the Avanti. What's it… » 3/11/08 1:00pm 3/11/08 1:00pm

Raymond Loewy: Designer of All Trades

One can't help but back Raymond Loewy. Being bloggers, we're generally polarized types this good, that bad, ad infinitum and/or end of story. And while Loewy deserves a more serious critique than we can offer here, the man designed things that inspire us to this day. From cola bottles to the Studes that dominated the… » 12/06/05 9:08pm 12/06/05 9:08pm

Avanti Announces Prices of New V6 and V8 Models

Avanti fans will have to shell out at least $61,950 to get behind the wheel of a new old Avanti, the former Studebaker coupe born from a few Raymond Loewy pencilstrokes back in 1961. A new partnership between the reborn Avanti Motors and Ford makes way for Avanti's new choice of engines, a 210 hp, 4.0-liter V6 in the… » 10/17/05 8:50pm 10/17/05 8:50pm

Game On: Avanti Motors Hopes to Survive and Thrive in 2006

Avanti Motors, which just a year ago was a light summer breeze from collapse, is aiming for a big comeback in 2006. The company says it will introduce new Avanti models as well as the Hummer-sized Studebaker XUV it unveiled at the Chicago auto show in 2004. That the market for Snuffy-sized SUVs is deader than a ham… » 10/11/05 2:47pm 10/11/05 2:47pm