The Post Whereby We Welcome AutoWeek to the "Embargoes Suck" Bandwagon

Yes, it's official, Auto Week hates embargoes as much as those of us here in the automotive blogosphere despise them. In an editorial written in the wake of the silliness that was Chrysler's embargo strategy on the 2008 Dodge Challenger SRT8 reveal for the Chicago Auto Show, Dutch Mandel, the hard-charging editor of … »1/24/08 3:30pm1/24/08 3:30pm

Proof Is In The Pictures! AutoWeek's Phil Floraday Breaks Embargo On Buick Enclave

At car industry events, Phil Floraday normally can be found arm-in-arm with his fellow AutoWeek mag o' war man, Bob Gritzinger. Somehow we're unsure if we'll be seeing either of them invited to another event of the General's. If you'll remember, Gritzinger was the motor-man who broke open the seal on the new-for-2007… »4/24/07 12:15pm4/24/07 12:15pm

Embarg-Uh-Oed! AutoWeek Breaks Honda/Acura Embargo, Spews MDX Pics Across The Web!

We feel like AutoWeek must not need to worry about those "embargo"-things, it's like they don't seem to apply to the folks with the once-a-week web updates. Like with the GMT-900 pickups last month and now with these pics of the Honda MDX. Of course what do we know, maybe AutoWeek went to the bathroom when the… »8/25/06 7:21pm8/25/06 7:21pm

Between the Lines: AutoWeek on the Jaguar Super V8 Portfolio

Automotive writers serve three masters: their readers, the publication and the manufacturers who supply cars — but not in that order. While you re guessing who goes where, October 17th s AutoWeek provides yet another off-kilter example of a tri-cornered car hack struggling to balance these forces. Steven Cole Smith… »10/18/05 1:54pm10/18/05 1:54pm