Nissan-Renault buying a controlling stake in AutoVAZ?

There are rumors out there about Renault-Nissan buying a controlling stake in AutoVAZ (maker of Lada cars), which would make it the third largest automaker. No one show them this video. (Hat tip Nathanial!) » 6/17/11 2:00pm 6/17/11 2:00pm

This ghostly half-car is spooky

The driver of this creepy, dented Russian car is hidden by a thick layer of damage so it appears to be driven by the ghost of the person sitting in the passenger seat when the accident occurred. In reality, the driver probably just got the car for half the price. » 2/01/11 11:15am 2/01/11 11:15am

In Russia, VAZ Make Cheap Car For YOU!

With all that land mass and all those people, Russia is expected to be the largest car market in Europe within a few years. And what do the proud people of Russia want? Cheap, honest transportation; a "people's car." Well that's exactly what Russia automaker AvtoVAZ wants to give them. Since most of these consumers… » 2/11/08 9:45am 2/11/08 9:45am