The Avocet: a Niche Roadster from Britain, Natch

Its name sounds like a blood-pressure drug, but MMI's Avocet gets its moniker from an insect-eating bird with webbed feet. Of course, the specialty British roadster's feet are decidedly unwebbed, but we're pretty sure it'll be eating plenty of unfortunate insects along Blighty's b-roads. The Lotus fighter is on… » 1/11/08 4:30pm 1/11/08 4:30pm

Sports-Edition Renaultsport Unveiled at Autosport Show

If Nissan needs a million-dollar idea, they can take this one: Rebadge the special-edition M gane Renaultsport 225 F1 — which debuted at the Autosport International show in the UK last week — as a Nissan premium sports hatchback and take on the Audi A3 and VW GTI in the US. It might involve some shuffling of… » 1/14/06 10:09am 1/14/06 10:09am

Discreet New Subaru Spec for UK Debuts at Autosports International Show

Subaru's latest high-spec vehicle got itself all launched up at the Autosport International show in the UK this week. The Impreza Spec.D (D is for discreet) clocks the same performance numbers as its less spec'd WRX STI sibling, but has limited-slip diffs in the front and rear, an updated gearshift and an intercooler » 1/13/06 1:17pm 1/13/06 1:17pm

Connaught Type-D Released at Autosport International

Our man in Coventry, CJ, reports in from the Autosport International show in Birmingham, England with a shot from the unveiling of the Connaught Type-D. More finished-looking than it has been in other photos we've seen of the car, it definitely looks less ungainly than we expected. Plus, who doesn't love a car with a… » 1/12/06 10:18pm 1/12/06 10:18pm

Prodrive's P2 Show Car at Autosport International

We reported last month that motorsports engineering firm Prodrive had worked up a rally-inspired concept car based on the Subaru R2 minicar. Now, our buddy Edd sent us a bunch of pics of the P2 on its turntable at the Autosport International show in the UK. The lightweight P2, you might remember, sports an Impreza… » 1/12/06 9:31pm 1/12/06 9:31pm