Ford Is Using Robots to Put Cars Through Its Toughest Tests

As much fun as test driving pre-production cars may seem, cruising around a course meant to see how hard a car can take a beating usually means a few hits to the human inside, as well. Not to mention the fact that human drivers are notoriously high maintenance—always wanting things like "food" and "sleep" and "legal… » 6/17/13 11:43am 6/17/13 11:43am

Google Reveals Secret Project To Develop Driverless Cars

Google today revealed a secret project to develop driverless cars, saying its test vehicles had driven 140,000 miles using software, sensors and a human minder. Google CEO Eric Schmidt wasn't kidding; Google believes people shouldn't drive. » 10/09/10 4:40pm 10/09/10 4:40pm