​Elon Musk Thinks Drivers Could Be Outlawed In The Future

Elon Musk envisions self-driving cars being taken to their logical conclusion: crashes eliminated and drivers outlawed. After all, "You don't want a person driving a two-ton death machine," says Musk. [UPDATE] » 3/17/15 3:14pm 3/17/15 3:14pm

​This Autonomous Audi Is About To Drive Itself Across The Country

The auto supplier Delphi is out to prove its autonomous car technology is up to snuff with a 3,500-mile trek that will take its heavily modified Audi SQ5 from San Francisco to New York. » 3/13/15 5:32pm 3/13/15 5:32pm

Mercedes Self-Driving Car Seems To Have Gone Rogue In San Francisco

First of all, I implore everyone to remain calm. Chances are, we'll all make it out of this mess okay, but only if we all just keep it together. What it wants is for us to panic, and we can't give it that. Here's the deal: the Mercedes-Benz F015 has been seen roaming the streets of San Francisco. And nobody is sure… » 3/04/15 3:40pm 3/04/15 3:40pm

​Honda, Nissan, And Toyota To Team Up On Self-Driving Car Tech

Japan's largest automakers are teaming up with the government, local universities, and electronics companies to make a concerted go at developing and standardizing self-driving car technology beginning later this year. » 2/26/15 8:30pm 2/26/15 8:30pm

This Tech Could Tell Cars When A Pedestrian Will Run Into The Street

For self-driving cars to work, they've got to do it all, and that includes navigating city streets where one of the biggest issues isn't just other cars, it's pedestrians. Humans have a sense of what a person will do based on their movements. Computers, not so much. Toyota has an idea how to fix that. » 2/19/15 6:55pm 2/19/15 6:55pm

Volvo Is Going To Let The Actual Public Operate Its Autonomous Cars

Volvo announced this morning that it's about to let 100 real, actual, normal members of the public sit behind the wheel of new XC90s — and not drive them. That's because these cars are completely autonomous, and only in the virtual hands of the inept and mechanical-ham-fisted public can robo-cars truly be tested. » 2/19/15 10:20am 2/19/15 10:20am

Oxford University's Bowler Wildcat Is The Fastest Self-Driving Car Yet

The British are so serious about beating the Americans, the Germans, the Swedish and everybody else when it comes to autonomous driving technologies that they developed a 300+ hp off-roader to even the playing field. Or more like turn it into a muddy mess. » 2/13/15 7:00am 2/13/15 7:00am

America's Transportation System Could Be Terrifying By 2045, Feds Say

Imagine Los Angeles-like traffic in Omaha, Nebraska, or getting passed by train after train as you wait at a Long Island Rail Road stop because the cars are too full, or shipments of food unable to get where it needs to go thanks to endless highway gridlock. » 2/02/15 7:45pm 2/02/15 7:45pm

​Uber Is Opening A Robotics Lab To Start Work On Self-Driving Cars

Uber is reportedly building a robotics research lab in Pittsburgh, PA – home of Carnegie Mellon University's Robotics Institute – to "kickstart autonomous tax fleet development." So it begins... » 2/02/15 5:15pm 2/02/15 5:15pm

​Part Of The Autobahn Is Being Developed For Self-Driving Cars

Volkswagen and Mercedes-Benz have made it clear that they don't want to rely on Google or other companies to develop self-driving technology or the data that's involved, and now the German government is stepping in to facilitate things with a plan to establish a section of the autobahn for autonomous vehicle testing. » 1/26/15 7:35pm 1/26/15 7:35pm

The Designer Behind Nest, iPod Could Design Your First Self-Driving Car

Self-driving cars have to be easy if they're going to catch on. Yes, they have to be safe, but they also need to be approachable. Tony Fadell – the creator of the Nest thermostat and one of the guys behind the iPod and iPhone – might be the man to make that happen. » 1/20/15 12:45pm 1/20/15 12:45pm

World's Biggest Supplier Plans Cars With Full Autopilot By 2025

They may not look like neon silver bean-eggs like the Mercedes F 015 concept, but the autonomous cars are coming, and they're coming soon. How soon? If Bosch gets their way, then cars will have full autopilot by 2025. » 1/15/15 3:47pm 1/15/15 3:47pm

NASA And Nissan Are Teaming Up To Make Robo-Cars Of The Future

Now that everyone's getting on the autonomous car bandwagon, each manufacturer needs its own angle. Audi takes its cars to the track, Mercedes makes its cars look like an egg, and Google's cars just have a weird face. Nissan, however, has gone with the betterment-of-humanity route, and just teamed up with NASA. » 1/08/15 8:05pm 1/08/15 8:05pm

Autonomous Audi A7 Drives From SF To Vegas, Probably Now Counting Cards

Audi's autonomous A7 Sportback named 'Jack' has successfully completed the 560 mile drive from San Francisco to Las Vegas. Audi tried last year to have a robot car drive to CES in Vegas, but a driver was forced to take over. This year, however, the car pulled it off and is now in Vegas, likely cheating at blackjack. » 1/06/15 11:49am 1/06/15 11:49am

Mercedes To Unveil Exciting New Autonomous Egg-Car Concept

In the future, we will all own giant eggs, and the eggs will drive themselves. Maybe. That's what could happen if the vision of tomorrow set to be unveiled by Mercedes-Benz at next month's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas comes true. » 12/31/14 5:00pm 12/31/14 5:00pm

Rinspeed Understands What Autonomous Cars Need To Be

I have to hand it to Rinspeed. The Swiss company that's usually best known for creating delightfully bonkers concept cars has a new concept for an autonomous car, Budii. And, while it's still a bit bonkers, it realizes something about autonomous cars that most carmakers still haven't accepted: An autonomous car is a… » 12/09/14 9:43pm 12/09/14 9:43pm

Autonomous Cars Will Rob Us Of Our Freedom To Be Unproductive

I just finished a very long, trans-continental drive. I enjoyed it. That's not to say long stretches of it weren't boring, tedious, and I spent most of the drive fighting off the powerful claws of Road Madness, but overall there's something therapeutic about a nice long drive. Too bad the robot cars will take that… » 12/04/14 12:08pm 12/04/14 12:08pm

Mercedes' 'Interior Of The Future' Will Have A Coffee Table

Cars probably won't fly in our lifetimes, but they will go autonomous. That's pretty much a lock at this point. Nearly every automaker is working to advance their self-driving technology. But one thing that doesn't get much consideration is this: With no need for human control, what will the interior of the future… » 12/04/14 10:12am 12/04/14 10:12am

A Driverless Audi RS7 Will Do A Lap At A German Touring Car Race

On October 19, at the Hockenheimring during a break in the racing before the final round of the German DTM Touring Car Championship, a self-driving Audi RS7 will haul some robotic ass around the track. Audi's hoping for a lap time of right around two minutes and expects to see 149 MPH. » 10/10/14 1:50pm 10/10/14 1:50pm

​Tesla's 'Something Else' Is Supposedly Automated-Driving

We're pretty sure we've figured out the first half of Elon's Musk's "D and something else" tweet. The D stands for "dual" motor, making the Model S all-wheel-drive. But the "something else" has kept us guessing, and as expected, it appears to be some version of auto-pilot. » 10/03/14 6:50pm 10/03/14 6:50pm