Atari Founder Thinks Human-Driven Cars Will Be Illegal In Cities In 20 Years And Weirder Things

Nolan Bushnell is, generally, a guy who’s proven to be pretty good at guessing what the future holds. He saw some geeks playing Spacewar on a huge old computer, and made the prescient leap that someday we’d all be playing games on computers, for example. He also thinks it’ll be illegal to drive your own car in cities… »11/09/15 6:07pm11/09/15 6:07pm

Alex Roy And Two Members Of The Tesla Record Team Just Broke That Coast-To-Coast Record With Autopilot

You may remember Carl Reese and Deena Mastracci, two members of the team who drove from Los Angeles to New York in a record 58 hours and 54 minutes in April. You may also have heard of Alex Roy, no stranger to records himself and someone who’s been very interested in autonomous driving lately. Those worlds just… »10/21/15 5:56pm10/21/15 5:56pm

Stanford Built An Autonomous DeLorean That Drifts

It’s likely you’re getting sick of all the Back to the Future-related content today, but I promise you that this one is a little different, since the chunk of electronics added to a DeLorean is real and actually works. Even better, it really does make this 2015 feel like an imagined future 2015, and most importantly,… »10/21/15 1:49pm10/21/15 1:49pm

That Buzzfeed Article About Autonomous Cars Is Stupid Trolling Bullshit And Here's Why

A couple of days ago, a Buzzfeed writer got a ride in one of Google’s autonomous koala-cars and got an erection so powerful that it drew enough blood from his brain to cause him to have a mild stroke that turned him into some sort of inane troll. At least, that’s the only theory that makes sense. »10/02/15 6:40pm10/02/15 6:40pm