Your GM Car Will Soon Know When You're Texting (And Tell You To Stop)

A decade ago, you'd assume that the idiot on the highway in front of you weaving back and forth across the yellow lines was drunk. Today, there's a pretty good chance that they're just trying to navigate some particularly complicated emoji. GM wants to stop the madness, and it's betting on eye-tracking to do so. »9/02/14 11:29am9/02/14 11:29am


Automakers Say Franchise Laws Go Too Far

Automakers were once a neutral party in the Tesla vs. dealership fight. However, with more states trying to find a middle ground between allowing Tesla to sell cars and still keep the dealers happy, new laws are being drafted, like the one in Pennsylvania, that have automakers pushing back. The manufacturers are… »6/17/14 12:16pm6/17/14 12:16pm

Barack Obama Spends Portion Of The Debate Talking Up Detroit

Barack Obama used part of last night's debate to tee off on aiding the domestic auto industry. Obama took nearly a full minute talking about the automaker bailout »10/16/08 2:20pm10/16/08 2:20pm and the need for more efficient cars, and the democratic presidential candidate made a reference to "retooling" plants in the heartland. Of course, he's…