Autoextremist Knows Things You Don't, Not Afraid to Let You In On That

Whoof. Criminy and cripes if the Sweeter Peeter didn't wake up this morning in love with his own self-styled great import. The D. runs down the rumors flying about the Motor City this week, as well as parroting the downfall of the buff books. Interestingly, Peet comments, "Yes, a few titles will survive - Road&Track… »2/28/07 12:15pm2/28/07 12:15pm

Autoextremist Has High Hopes for Next Impala

Sweet Peet claims that the last Impala was the car that drove him screaming from the ad biz and led him to, on June 1, 1999 — lest we forget — found and deliver the bare-knuckled, unvarnished, high-octane truth every Wednesday. Except when he takes the week off. Or goes to work at Chrysler. But this… »11/15/06 7:00pm11/15/06 7:00pm