The New Lamborghini Huracán GT3 Demands That You Go Faster

Some cars just beg of you, plead with you to go faster. That’s what Matt Sanders of Autocar thought of the new Lamborghini Huracán GT3 after driving one flat out on track. The fruit of Lambo’s first factory racing effort works better at higher speeds. Go faster. Why aren’t you going faster? You should be going faster. »4/26/15 2:33pm4/26/15 2:33pm


The P15 is Coming to Save the Less Fortunate: McLaren Themselves

The forthcoming McLaren P15 will slip into the stream between the generically fast McLaren 12C and the ungodly fast McLaren P1, utilizing the same basic engine, chassis, and styling components that make McLaren the only supercar manufacturer able to truly challenge the likes of Maranello since Lamborghini. »1/25/14 12:03pm1/25/14 12:03pm

If 9 Were 6: BMW's Rumored "Z9" or "Z10" May Be New "Z6" Supercar

BMW bosses have already admitted a flagship project is in the works. Now, according to the UK's Autocar magazine, that project could be the Z6. Based on the 6-Series, natch, the new supercar — which had once been rumored to be dubbed "Z9" or "Z10" — will show off some of the weight-saving technologies the Bimmer boys… »5/25/06 8:30am5/25/06 8:30am

Between the Lines: Autocar's Sutcliffe on the Bugatti Veyron

Having watched Car & Driver fumble the Bugatti-shaped literary football, it s time to check out UK weekly Autocar s take on the big Kahuna. To go flat out in the fastest car ever, the august publication threw the keys to their Editor-at-Large, Steve Sutcliffe. As Autocar s top lead foot, Sutcliffe has driven every… »11/03/05 1:00pm11/03/05 1:00pm

Between the Lines: Autocar Reviews the Spyker C8 Spyder

Jalopnik s exploration of the tension between art and commerce in the review sections of various US car mags continues. Meanwhile, we couldn t help but notice a stunning example of this literary sub-genre in the 11 October issue of Brit weekly Autocar. Although Spyker doesn t advertise within Autocar s glossy pages,… »10/25/05 9:28am10/25/05 9:28am