Leaked Transformers Corvette Centennial Concept Toy Possibly Reveals Robot Mode

Leaked photos of a clay mold for a cheap Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen »9/09/08 10:40am9/09/08 10:40am toy of the may be showing us the robot mode for a character we're told will be called either "Hot Rod" or "Stinger." So cheap in fact, it doesn’t actually transform, instead relying on a carved depiction on the underside to please the…

Help Jalopnik Decide What To Wear: Autobot Or Decepticon?

Ladies and gentlemen, it's now robogasm time. This evening we'll be heading on over to a special preview screening of the new live-action Transformers movie with other auto writers — and even a couple of movie critics. Critics are interested? Who knew. But now we've got an interesting problem to deal with. You see,… »6/26/07 2:00pm6/26/07 2:00pm