Ford discloses exec salaries, Mulally package worth over $26M

Ford had a very good financial year in 2010, with the company's second consecutive year-over-year market share increase and a net profit of $6.6 billion. Those sparkling stats made Ford's stock jump, with 68 percent in total gains for the year. And when stock prices soar, so do the executives' compensation. The Blue… »4/01/11 4:32pm4/01/11 4:32pm

U.S. D.O.T. says 2010 traffic fatalities lowest they've ever been

United States Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood said that traffic deaths in 2010 were the lowest they've ever been, falling three percent from 2009's record low. According to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration projections, traffic fatalities fell from 33,808 in 2009 to 32,708 in 2010. [] »4/01/11 4:01pm4/01/11 4:01pm

Will this inflatable car seat redefine how sitting takes place? 

The most important part of any car is not the engine, it is not the suspension, it is not the tires, and it is not the steering wheel. Manufacturer Easycarseat's inflatable car seat fixes a big problem a lot of people with children have, which is that carrying a car seat for kids all the time is a huge pain in the… »4/01/11 2:00pm4/01/11 2:00pm

Kia design head "caves" to Korean influence with Naimo concept

The Korean-made cars of the 1990s and early 2000s looked very... Korean. Not exactly a bad thing, mind you, but it's tough to sell vehicles around the globe that cater to a specific region of the world. That's likely one of the reasons why Kia hired former Audi designer Peter Schreyer to inject some much needed style… »4/01/11 1:46pm4/01/11 1:46pm

Report: Bugatti gets green light to build Galibier sedan

Always wanted Veyron levels of power but needed room for the kids? Bugatti is ready to make your dream a reality because the Galibier has reportedly been given the green light. According to some in-the-know folks, Volkswagen has given a jewel-encrusted thumbs up that will allow Bugatti to build the four-door super… »4/01/11 1:01pm4/01/11 1:01pm

Video: Recreating Ken Block's Gymkhana... in a Gulf-livery semi truck

Mike Ryan has won a dozen Pikes Peak Hill Climbs in his Gulf-liveried Freightliner Cascadia, so it's no joke when we say this man has some serious talent. To raise his and the truck's profile a little bit, Ryan has decided to show off what he does when he's not storming mountains to stay sharp. [Autoblog] »4/01/11 12:30pm4/01/11 12:30pm

Honda Accord Crosstour Cabriolet coming to take on Nissan's topless Murano

Are unconventional droptops becoming the darling of the automotive industry? Honda is evidently paying close attention to the new Murano CrossCabriolet from Nissan, and apparently it likes what it sees. Historically averse to convertibles (small-volume jobs like the S2000 excluded), the Japanese automaker now plans to… »4/01/11 11:31am4/01/11 11:31am

Everybody Panic: California dealers reportedly running out of Prius models

The Japan earthquake and tsunami has left the vast majority of Japanese auto plants without parts or power at least temporarily, and the good folks of California are beginning to feel the pinch. The Los Angeles Times reports that the Toyota Prius is in very short supply in The Golden State, leading many car buyers to… »4/01/11 10:03am4/01/11 10:03am