AOL's right hand meets its left hand, Huffington Post

On Friday we noted numerous media reports and a statement from AOL claiming Autoblog's littler brother AutoBlogGreen was being folded into its larger sibling — or just outright getting killed. AutoBlog "publisher" John Neff said we were wrong. Before Neff had even gone on the hard-nosed defense, we'd received a… » 3/27/11 9:40pm 3/27/11 9:40pm

Yes, AutoBlogGreen is being killed and folded into AutoBlog

We received the following email from Mario Ruiz, the SVP of media relations for the Huffington Post that I think clears up what we've already said yesterday about AutoBlog Green — that it was being either killed or "folding it into its hopefully healthier brother, AutoBlog." » 3/26/11 7:06pm 3/26/11 7:06pm

AOL, Huffington Post kill AutoBlogGreen

AOL and hetero-life-mate The Huffington Post are either shuttering eco-friendly car site AutoBlogGreen or folding it into its hopefully healthier brother, AutoBlog. Go ahead and insert your own "green not making any green" or "not easy being green" joke here. » 3/25/11 10:15pm 3/25/11 10:15pm